Pickup Dogs

Will notify you ONE week in advance for the date and time your dog/cat will be arriving

Airline the passenger will travel: China Airline CI 004 or Eva Air BR18

Arrival time for China Airline: Usually around 6:30 PM

Arrival time for Eva Airline   : Usually around 2:50 PM

Airport parking : Please park at garage G 3 level

Arrival Gate: International arrival gate A or G

Please call the airline or Google the flight status

China Airline :  1-650-931-8000

Eva Airline :  1-650-360-6800

Normally passenger with dogs/cats will come out around 30 mins to 1 hour after the arrival time depends on the season

In case you can not pick up the dog/cat at the airport, one of the volunteer will pick up your dog/cat for you.


Handling Your Dog/Cat

After you got home from the airport:

* DO NOT force the dog/cat to come out from the crate

* DO NOT put your head or hand into the crate

* DO NOT try to pet your dog/cat before he or she comes to you

* Provide fresh water and food for your dog/cat (have not been eating for 12 hours)

* Do not remove leash or collar for the first week or two even when at home

* Register your dog/cat with microchip company

* Provide unconditional love to your new family member