M.I.T. Mixed Breed Rescue is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization (E.I.N.: 47-3007598) running entirely by volunteers; 100% of our funds are used for the care and maintenance of our rescued dogs.

Our mission is to work closely with rescuer in Taiwan and the shelters in San Francisco Bay Areas to save as many neglected, abused, and homeless dogs as possible. M.I.T. Mixed Breed Rescue is dedicated and passionated about the dogs we rescue. We feel rewarding when dogs are placed in a good home who are fully committed to their lifetime care.

When you adopt a shelter/rescue dogs, you save two lives. The one you adopt, and the one who takes it place.

2014年的一月底成立M.I.T. 救援協會 – M.I.T. Mixed Breed Rescue的意思是對Made in Taiwan 的米克斯混種狗的救援。M.I.T. 選擇幫助最弱勢的黑狗, 是因為黑狗是最難送養的一群。 黑狗和所有的狗狗一樣的忠心, 聰明, 是人類最好的朋友, 但是只是因為他們的毛色, 許多人看不到黑狗的美。M.I.T. 發願要讓大家了解到黑色, 只是一種表相, M.I.T 要幫狗狗們找家。
藉由台灣的愛心人士, 組成救援網路, 救援, 結紮, 醫療, 送養. 在狗狗到達舊金山後, M.I.T.的中途家庭會幫助狗狗適應這裡的新環境, 進而增加被領養的機會。M.I.T. 在對認養人的篩選上, 是抱持寧缺勿濫的態度, 以狗狗的幸福為最高準則來找尋最適合他們的家庭。
M.I.T. 除了專門幫弱勢黑狗找家外, 對於狗狗送養的後續, 必盡追蹤之責, 救援者可以放心的把狗狗交給M.I.T.送養。認養家庭有任何問題而聯絡我們, M.I.T.一定在第一時間內協助認養家庭, 幫助狗狗成為新家不可或缺的一份子。M.I.T. 會盡最大的努力來幫助狗狗找到一份不離不棄的愛與家庭。

Below are the pictures of MY PACK


Name: Buddy
10 years old
Rescue from Gilroy
*Pack Leader*


Name: Dudu
9 years old
Rescue from Taiwan


Name: Key
8 years old
Rescue from Taiwan


Name: Wolfie
14 years old
Went to rainbow bridge in 2015
Rescue from San Jose

Buddy (Pack Leader)– Buddy doesn’t really do much except play his orange ball at the dog park. Sometimes he will control his pack when they get too wild. He will protect his pack when he have to besides that he is always calm and relaxed.

Dudu– Dudu like to bark against the fence but once the dog came into the park he will just stopped. Every night at the dog park he will wait for the park ranger to pet him and he will follow him around till he finish cleaning up the park. Besides barking he is a sweet loving dog that when everyone meet him always want to take him home.

Key– Key is shy with people at first but will play with other dogs. Recently he track down the scent of a lost dog because of his ability we were able to bring that dog home safe. He runs real fast and seems like he has a build in turbo with instant acceleration

Wolfie– Wolfie went to rainbow bridge this year. He likes to do stuff on his own, he did really play with dogs or social with human. He was in his own little world. He used to bark when he did not see me on his sight. Rest in peace, Wolfie.